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Xsolla Pay is a secure and convenient online payment tool for gamers worldwide. It provides faster checkout and guarantees the security of payment processing. With Xsolla Pay, gamers receive a seamless payment experience and complete confidence for every purchase they make.

You can make payments without entering your card data each time. All purchases made with Xsolla Pay will be added automatically to your Xsolla Wallet account— you’ll be able to check their status and manage them, and even request a refund.

Xsolla Pay is completely secure. It stores users' card data in a stable and secure environment according to PCI DSS (The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). Additionally, Xsolla Pay doesn’t charge any fees to its users.

Currently, you can use Xsolla Pay only in games that partner with Xsolla.

If you have any questions, get quicker chat support in your Xsolla Wallet account, or send us an e-mail in the form bellow.


Use the form on the right to send an email to our support team. Please provide as much information as possible and we will assist you.

For immediate help, you can contact our support team in the live chat from your Xsolla Wallet account.

Average response time: 10 hours