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Your Xsolla Wallet account serves as a centralized platform for managing your orders, tracking their status, submitting refund requests, and monitoring active subscriptions. It allows you to consolidate all your Xsolla game purchases into a single account.

Additionally, your Xsolla Wallet account provides direct access to the support team for immediate assistance. You can utilize the live chat feature to receive prompt resolution to any issues you may encounter.

Signing up for a Xsolla Wallet account is simple and can be done at any time using your email address or social network credentials. If you already have existing orders associated with your email account, they will automatically be included in your transaction history. Furthermore, you have the option to validate and add any other orders you have made.

If you have any questions, get quicker chat support in your Xsolla Wallet account, or send us an e-mail in the form bellow.


Use the form on the right to send an email to our support team. Please provide as much information as possible and we will assist you.

For immediate help, you can contact our support team in the live chat from your Xsolla Wallet account.

Average response time: 10 hours