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We use card verification to help ensure safe and secure in-game payments. This is the same type of verification required for adding a credit card to a PayPal or Steam account.

After you enter your card information, our system will redirect you to the verification page. Verification is used to make sure that the person making the purchase is the actual cardholder. This is how it works:

  • To verify that you are the cardholder, we temporarily debit an amount of less than $2.00 USD from your account, which will be released back to your account within 12 hours.
  • You can find this info in your online bank statement under Pending or Held transactions, or in an SMS notification from your bank.
  • If you see multiple debits of less than $2.00 USD, go back to the verification page and enter the amount of the most recent transaction in the verification form.
  • Select the currency that the amount was debited in and click verify. After that, your payment will be completed.

If you don’t have an online account for your card, please create one. If the small pending or hold amount doesn’t appear, there may be a delay from your bank in posting them. Please check for it again later. Note that the hold amount is only valid for 3 hours. If it still doesn’t appear, we recommend using a different bank card, or contact your bank directly to find out how much the small hold amount is.

If you’re unable to verify the card, you may also link the card to a PayPal or an Amazon account for future payments.

If you also see either one of these errors:

1049 or 1092: your payment was declined for security reasons.

These errors may appear if our security system recognizes your attempt as abnormal. In order to complete a payment, we will ask you to provide additional proof of account ownership.

Note that after several unsuccessful attempts, you may receive the following errors:

2009 or 3017: it looks like you have exceeded the maximum number of attempts allowed.

If this happens, please try paying with a different card.

If this issue isn’t resolved, please contact us by submitting a ticket below or sending a message in a live chat after creating your Xsolla Wallet account.

If you have any questions, get quicker chat support in your Xsolla Wallet account, or send us an e-mail in the form bellow.


Use the form on the right to send an email to our support team. Please provide as much information as possible and we will assist you.

For immediate help, you can contact our support team in the live chat from your Xsolla Wallet account.

Average response time: 10 hours