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Usually one of two things can cause mobile payment problems:

  • If you confirmed a mobile payment with a code or SMS text, your payment might be pending for up to 24 hours. If your mobile payment hasn’t been delivered to your gaming account after 24 hours, please make sure that your account was charged or contact us so we can reach out to your provider.

  • When you enter your phone number in our system, it confirms with your mobile carrier that you can pay for the chosen product from your phone balance. An error message saying you cannot make payment from your phone number means your mobile carrier doesn’t offer the option to pay your selected amount using your phone number. Try to choose a different payment package/amount and make a new payment. If that doesn’t work, we recommend choosing another payment option.

Here are some error messages you may see on the payment page:

Error 1002

The purchase amount is too large to complete this transaction. Please try again with a smaller amount.

This error may appear when you are trying to use an SMS payment method. Please note that SMS payments are perfect for microtransactions but may not always work for purchases of more than $15. For such purchases, we recommend an alternative payment method.

Error 1019

The mobile carrier you entered is not supported. Please select a different payment method.

This error may appear when you are entering a phone number that cannot be used for a mobile payment. We recommend an alternative payment method.

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For immediate help, you can contact our support team in the live chat from your Xsolla Wallet account.

Average response time: 10 hours