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I can't make a payment

Problems with gift cards usually happen because:

  • Your gift card is actually a prepaid credit card, with a VISA or Mastercard logo. PayGarden doesn’t accept prepaid credit cards, only store-brand gift cards.
  • Your gift card was purchased from a retailer outside the US. PayGarden only accepts gift cards from networks within the US.
  • You might not have entered the correct or complete PIN for your card. Some cards require you to scratch off a foil patch to reveal the PIN.
  • Your gift card is from an online gift card marketplace, such as Cardpool, Raise, CardCash, or Gift Card Granny. PayGarden doesn’t work with these types of cards, because we’re often unable to claim payments from them.
  • Your card’s remaining balance isn’t enough to cover your purchase. Your gift card brand isn’t supported by PayGarden.
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