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How can I cancel my subscription?

Please note that services such as Twitch, FACEIT, WTFast, ESEA are automatically charged unless otherwise stated. That is also stated on the checkout page. 

You may cancel your subscription anytime after you’ve logged into your account in the service where you are subscribed. If you were unable to cancel your subscription, please contact us.

Here is how you can cancel your subscription on Twitch:
Go to the Subscriptions Management Page in your account (you may find it in the menu by clicking on our profile picture )→ Locatе the subscription you wish to cancel, and click the cog on the upper-right → From there, select Don't Renew Subscription, and confirm your cancellation on the next page.

Here is how you can cancel your subscription on FACEIT:

Go to your subscriptions page in the User Settings menu → Locatе the subscription you wish to cancel → Select "End membership and benefits" from the drop down menu.

Here is how you can cancel your subscription on WTFast:

Go to the Members area of wtfast.com → Log in to your account → This brings you to the subscription history page by default → Click "Cancel" beside the subscription you want to cancel.

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