Xsolla Bounty Program

Out of Scope

Reports on:

  • A payment being declined or not going through.
  • A refund that hasn’t been approved, or funds haven't reached your account yet.
  • The payment system you’d like to use is temporarily unavailable or not available for your region/mobile carrier.
  • You have not received the purchase or the bonus associated with it.
  • Issues related to scheduled or unscheduled downtimes, connection issues, etc.
  • Flaws found on our profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Reddit, etc. and our partners’ websites.

For these and other payment-related issues, please contact our Customer Service team at help.xsolla.com. They are happy to help and answer your questions 24/7!

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Report Submission

By submitting a bug report you agree to comply with the Xsolla Bounty Program Policy, which forbids public or private disclosure of the details of any vulnerability or bug on Xsolla before the 30 days after the bug has been fixed.

By participating in this program, you agree to adhere to the above rules and conditions. All rules must be followed to be eligible for rewards.

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